Can global experiences create local solutions?

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Why it makes sense to build universities as global intellectual hubs

Evolving from the industrial age to the knowledge age will bring as many changes as humankind encountered when shifting from foraging to farming. Through international collaborations we can solve the problems we encounter and close the gap faster.

Universities have a huge role to play through the creation and dissemination of knowledge, research-driven solutions and graduates who can effectively operate in the rapidly changing global environment.   

Universities — portals to the world

Global problems require global solutions.

Our students learn and live abroad, and bring fresh perspectives that help tackle challenges back home in new ways.

Webinar: How to implement an international strategy successfully

Watch this webinar to hear from a senior leader and internationalization expert what it takes to successfully implement an international strategy — the seven critical steps and insider advice to help you effectively plan your way.

Webinar: Assessing and optimizing international partnerships

Watch this webinar to hear Vice-Provost (International) Janaka Ruwanpura talk about IPARI - an innovative tool to evaluate partnerships, identify top partners in each country, develop strategic partnerships and decide to re-engage or eliminate stalled ones.

A good international strategy is critical for any university and organization looking to expand its international reach. Unfortunately many organizations fail   not on the formulation of strategy, but in its implementation. Get the critical steps and insiders' advice to succeed.

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