Legalized cannabis:
what does it mean?

Canada is legalizing cannabis. But there's still much we don't know about what benefits and drawbacks we can expect.  Our researchers study the legal, medical, cultural and social impacts of mainstream marijuana -- whats good, what's less good, and what we need to learn more about.

Legalization and what it means for traffic safety
UCalgary researchers study how legalized cannabis could affect our roads and highways, including driving habits with cannabis, impaired driving laws, and a roadside sensor to detect cannabis.

How cannabis affects our bodies and brains

UCalgary researchers explore the biology behind cannabis, and how it acts upon various systems in our bodies.

Canadian regulators and policy-makers have been scrambling to prepare for legalized marijuana. We review Canada’s evolving cannabis laws, from consumption restrictions and retail models to implications for landlord and tenant law, food safety for edibles and more.
Recorded July 17, 2018

The legalization of cannabis marks a cultural shift for our country, and raises multiple issues. In this ebook, you'll find research-based fundamentals about cannabis, along with frequently asked questions about health benefits and risks, and the process of legalization.

Experts from UCalgary’s Cumming School of Medicine examine the scientific evidence on cannabinoids and adolescent brain development, and who might be at most risk. Learn why a public health approach to legalized cannabis is vital, and get practical advice on navigating the new realities of mainstream marijuana.
Recorded July 25, 2018 
Cannabis legalization and how it will affect our governments, our laws, and our way of life
UCalgary researchers explore the social side of cannabis legislation, including policy, law and on-campus life.