A formula for success
Earn an engineering degree AND a business degree in as little as five years at the University of Calgary!

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Best of both worlds
The Bachelor of Science in Engineering and Bachelor of Commerce program blends technical expertise with strategic thinking to give you a truly unique education. 
Access first-rate schools
The Haskayne School of Business and Schulich School of Engineering can position you for a wide range of careers in engineering, business, management and all areas in between with this program.
Unique student experience

You will be able to:

  • Take a mixture of engineering, science, arts and business courses
  • Access student and career services from both the Haskayne School of Business and the Schulich School of Engineering
  • Apply for an optional 12 to 16 month paid internship with the Engineering Career Centre
  • Earn two degrees in as little as five years
Positioned for success

With two degrees, become qualified to pursue multiple career pathways

  • Be ready to tackle entrepreneurial opportunities in evolving technology-based global economy
  • Benefit from our mixture of technical and business skills to advance your career into a management role
  • Earn engineering and business degrees, and be poised to make a difference in the world
What does it mean to take two degrees at the same time?
A combination of teaching and learning styles, access to additional student and career supports, and a host of new opportunities awaits if you are ready to take on this exciting new challenge.

Skills development
Master the strategic thinking and technical skills you’ll need to stand out from the crowd

Entrepreneurial thinking
Lay the foundation for starting your own company

Attract employers
Benefit from a multidisciplinary approach that appeals to companies seeking new hires

Embrace the challenge
Balance two degrees with a rich student experience

Meet students who will encourage you to fulfill your potential
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It’s a phenomenal opportunity for both students and employers. The dual degrees program allows students to focus on core engineering and business principles, which provides a diverse and valuable knowledge base for graduates and, as a result, a great talent pool for employers.

Sean Wilson
Senior Vice President & Chief Administrative Officer, Gibson Energy
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Earn two degrees in five years


Access business and engineering career centres


Apply for an optional paid internship

If you are thinking about business or engineering, just do both. With the technical background from engineering and the focus on soft skills from business, it opens up a lot of possibilities. If you are somebody who doesn’t know exactly what you want to do when you graduate, this program opens up the most possibilities.

Tony Zhu

Bachelor of Science in Engineering and Bachelor of Commerce student

Having two degrees, it’s having those two sets of skills that are so different but so complimentary….It gives you two open doors instead of just one from one degree.

Marion Brown
Bachelor of Science in Engineering and Bachelor of Commerce student
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