Zurich: Sustainable Livability + Prefab Pavilions Exhibition Opening

Professor Francisco Alaniz Uribe travelled with a group of students to Zurich to learn new strategies for how to preserve and manage environmentally sensitive and agricultural land while allocating areas for development. The exhibition includes ideas around Sustainable Livability — land management, sustainable urban planning and design. The exhibition also includes a selection of case studies, including rural towns such as Aarau and Mielen, urban infrastructure and architecture, landscape architecture and urban design sites.

This exhibition highlights the process of designing and building a 16’ wood frame and enclosure, as well as the process and technique using a mass customizable robotics prefabrication for furniture. Professor Mauricio Soto-Rubio, along with the research team from the Laboratory for Integrated Design, were commissioned by the Makespace Group to design and build a temporary structure for the Inventures Conference, an ‘unconference’ for creative minds.

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