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Connector. Leader. Ambassador. 

The UCalgary Chancellor is a unique, robust volunteer who is responsible for a variety of important duties on campus. The Chancellor works closely with UCalgary leadership to advance the university vision and interests. The ideal candidate will have demonstrated integrity in all aspects of life, a deep connection to community, and a dynamic approach.

This is a four-year term, starting July 1, 2018. Search is now closed.

The Chancellor presides over all degree-conferring ceremonies of the university, including the presentation of Honorary Degrees and Order of the University of Calgary. The University of Calgary holds two convocation ceremonies in the fall, and eight in the spring. The Chancellor grants an honorary degree on a person, on the authorization of the Senate. Selection of recipients to be granted an Honorary Degree or an Order of the University of Calgary is done by the Chancellor, in conjunction with the President and Vice-Chancellor.
The Chancellor acts as the Chair of the university Senate. The Senate, in alignment with the university’s Eyes High strategy, promotes the university’s reputation and priorities, builds long-term support and enriches productive community relationships to foster positive relations in the communities we lead and serve.

Board of Governors
The Chancellor serves as a member of the Governors of the University of Calgary. The Board of Governors oversees the management and operation of the university’s business and affairs. The Board oversees the development of the overarching strategic direction and policy framework for the university, ensures that the university’s activities are consistent with its mandate, oversees the efficient and effective use of financial and human resources to meet institutional objectives, and ensures that institutional risk is appropriately managed.

What does it mean to be UCalgary's Chancellor?


The Chancellor engages with students, including the Chancellor’s Club Scholars, Senate Service Award recipients and student members on Senate. The Chancellor mentors students during their degree program, and celebrates with them in conferring their degree at convocation.

Chancellor's Club
The Chancellor leads the prestigious Chancellor’s Club, which raises funds for student scholarships and bursaries. The Chancellor’s Club members meet during the year for special events.

Community Engagement
The Chancellor participates in activities that advance the university’s interests, agreed to by the Chancellor, and the President and Vice-Chancellor or the Vice-President (University Relations).

Honorary Degrees
The Chancellor may grant, on the authorization of the Senate, an honorary degree on a person. Selection of recipients is done in conjunction with the President and Vice-Chancellor.


The Chancellor participates in development activities, such as Energize: The Campaign for Eyes High for the university, as agreed to by the Chancellor and President and Vice-Chancellor.

My role as Chancellor over these last four years has been fulfilling; I have received so much more back than I ever contributed. Our students, faculty and staff inspire me with their achievements and bolster my confidence in Canada's future. A highlight of my term has been the opportunity to connect with stakeholders and volunteers who appreciate the value of post-secondary education and advance our university's bold vision.

Robert Thirsk
Chancellor, 2014-2018

President and Vice-Chancellor Elizabeth Cannon is the chief executive officer of the university, providing institutional leadership and oversight, developing and driving our mission, strategies and advancement, and acting as our chief advocate, principal ambassador and principal voice.
Learn more about UCalgary's Executive Leadership Team, strategies and progress toward our ambitious Eyes High vision. 

There's been nothing more gratifying in my last ten years than serving as Chancellor of the University of Calgary. The rich experience--meeting and working with students, professors, researchers and dedicated community members/volunteers alike--is one I'd heartily recommend to my fellow Calgarians.

Jim Dinning
Chancellor Emeritus, 2010-2014

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