Nurturing Emotional Resilience in the Era of Climate Change

Join UCalgary for a talk on climate change and emotional resilience with Dekila Chungyalpa, founder of the Loka Initiative, and Christine Wilson, PhD, with the Centre for Healthy Minds at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Chungyalpa and Wilson will discuss the emotional impacts climate change has had on various populations and present the latest research and knowledge around eco emotions. They will also cover strategies for emotional regulation and coping with grief, distress, and other challenging emotions related to climate change.

When: Wednesday, May 8, 12-1:30 p.m. MT
Where: Online via Zoom

The webinar will close with a brief Q&A and an activity for participants to help regulate their emotions.

Dekila Chungyalpa is the founding director of the Loka Initiative, an award-winning capacity-building and outreach platform at the University of Wisconsin – Madison for faith and Indigenous leaders working on environmental and climate issues. She has over two decades of experience in designing and managing global conservation and climate strategies. Known as an innovator in this field, Dekila received the Yale McCluskey Award in 2014 for creating faith-led environmental and climate partnerships in the Amazon, East Africa, the Himalayas, the Mekong, and the US. She originally hails from Sikkim, a Tibetan Buddhist kingdom turned Indian state in the northeastern Himalayas.

Christy Wilson-Mendenhall is a Research Assistant Professor at the Center for Healthy Minds, University of Wisconsin-Madison. Expanding on affective science expertise developed early in her career, Christy joined the Center for Healthy Minds to advance interdisciplinary research on cultivating well-being and resilience. Her research seeks to conceptualize and understand emotional skillsets and how such skills may be cultivated through contemplative practices. This work is grounded in pursuing a contextual, situated understanding of emotional experiences and the conditions under which specific skills may be of benefit. Christy is grateful to work with incredible interdisciplinary partners and scholars on these complex questions.

Presented by UCalgary’s Campus Mental Health Strategy and the Office of Sustainability as part of Mental Health Week and the Climate Conversations Speaker Series.
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