ERGP Webinar Series

These webinars are free of charge, and will bring together decisions-makers from both government and industry from all over the world. You can choose which weekly lecture you would like to participate in throughout the 6 weeks, dependent on your interests. We do, however, recommend that you participate in the series in its entirety as the topics will be built upon each other throughout the weeks.

The webinar series will take place on Thursday's from 7:30 a.m. - 8:30 a.m. MDT, beginning on April 23rd.

The overarching theme of the webinar series is “Tools/Mechanisms For Engaging Indigenous Peoples in Resource Development”, and will include a series of six topics as described below. For a full overview of the series, click here.

  • Week #1: Introduction to Lecture Series: History of Co-Management in Canada

  • Week #2: Case Study: Engagement of Indigenous Peoples in the Extractive Sector in Canada’s Northwest Territories

  • Week #3: Resource Revenue Sharing

  • Week #4: Engaging Indigenous Peoples in Environmental Impact Assessment

  • Week #5: Engaging Indigenous Peoples in Monitoring of Extractive Operations

  • Week #6: Ensuring Economic Benefits (Local Content) for Indigenous Peoples

Note: each lecture will be between 30 and 60 minutes dependent on the topic, and will include allocated time for Q/As.

Contact us at [email protected] with any questions.

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